8 de enero de 2014


¡Hola a todos queridísimos lectores!
¡Yo os traigo hoy una publicación muy especial, una entrevista a una escritora a la que admiro mucho, Renee Bernard! Para mí ha sido un auténtico privilegio poder hacerle esta entrevista, la primera que he hecho en mi vida. Además de ser algo dulce e inesperado.
Dentro de unos días publicaré la entrevista con las respuestas de Renee en español, pero de momento os dejo con las respuestas originales de Renee.
¡Espero que os guste muchísimo la entrevista!


- Cuando eras una niña, ¿con que soñabas? Y ahora que eres adulta, ¿con que sueñas?
When I was a child, I think I lived in dreams.  Imagination shaped each day and you don’t distinguish between “real” and “dream”.  I made up stories with magic and dramatic characters and turns.  I was the youngest so I was left alone to play a great deal and I think that was a blessing in disguise.  I created my own games and stories, and it never occurred to me that there was anything different or special about that.  Now that I’m an adult, I realize that I have stubbornly refused to give up those dreams.  But now I know the differences between fantasy and every day life—I just choose to bring those dreams over into the real world with me.  I think of it more like being a sculptor.  I carve out my stories.  There is an effort that you have to make with chisel and hammer.  But the beauty is there and maybe, if I do my work well enough, there is magic, too.
- ¿Donde encuentras la inspiración?
Everywhere!  In nature, in photographs, in conversations with friends, or even heated debates.  In movies, sometimes, and definitely in books as I research, I’m inspired by all the untold stories and wonderful characters that have yet to have their chance.
- ¿Cual fue la primera novela que escribiste? ¿De qué trataba?

The first novel I ever wrote was called “Snowfall”.  It was a time travel.  It is wisely still hidden in a drawer.  The next was “Treason’s Heart”, a science-fiction fantasy…probably not very good…and that one is on Amazon today secretly published under a different name. 
The first romance was “Blind Aphrodite” and I cringe to say it, but a few copies might still be out there in the world…

- ¿Que te llevó a escribir?
I wrote because one day I was very frustrated at a bad novel I’d picked up and thought, “Well, I could do better than that!”  It was a terrible way to begin as if the universe had dared me to climb a mountain and there I was, starting out on that rocky path wearing sandals without any idea of how to achieve the goal.  But once I started, I couldn’t stop.
I hope I’ve gotten better at it.
- ¿Cuál es tu novela favorita de todas las que has escrito? ¿Por qué?
I love the “Jaded Gentlemen” series and amidst those, it’s hard to choose.  But I think “Ecstasy Wears Emeralds” is a personal favorite.  Because the hero was particularly sweet but I was able to convey that kindness doesn’t make a man weak.  Rowan West is compassionate and caring and extremely heroic to me.  I loved researching medicine in that era and that book was a joy to write, start to finish.
- ¿Cuál es tu personaje femenino favorito y cuál es tu personaje masculino favorito de todos cuantos has creado?
I have a tender place in my heart for Caroline Townsend because she is most like me (she is the heroine in “Seduction Wears Sapphires”) and perhaps her match, Ashe Blackwell, is also a favorite.  He is a very bad boy but impossible not to love. 
But Michael Rutherford might win the contest today.  “Desire Wears Diamonds” was his book.  He is so shy and so genuine.  Michael is my gentle giant and lately, the one that I imagine worries about me more than the others and is always quietly standing by and protectively keeping an eye on me.
- ¿Cuánto hay de ficción y de realidad en tus novelas?
The historical settings are as close to accurate as I can manage in a fictional work.  The reality, I hope, is the psychology and depth of those characters.  You can bend a story’s plot or play with contexts but if the characters don’t feel real, than no reader will care about them beyond a page or two.  I want to create characters that are real enough to stay with you long after you’ve finished the book.  I want you to smile when you think of the men or wonder what they would say at that moment if they were next to you.
- ¿Hay algún personaje que hayas creado que esté inspirado en alguien real?
I cannot say.  I weave in elements from those around me but I truly believe that the characters stand apart, complete.
- ¿Hay alguna escena que hayas reflejado en alguna de tus novelas y que haya sido real?
Some of the losses and emotional turns, are mine.  But I’d rather not reveal which ones…
- ¿Que es lo que más te gusta de escribir? ¿Qué significa para ti el escribir, el poder crear tus propias novelas y dar voz a tantos personajes?
It means Everything!  It is freedom and sanity and life.  If I couldn’t write, I don’t wish to meet the woman I would become. 
- ¿Quiénes son tus escritores/as favoritos/as? ¿Que tiene cada uno de ellos/as para que te cautiven tanto? ¿Hay alguno/a que signifique mucho para ti a nivel personal?
I love Laura Kinsale!  Her books inspired me to write romance.  I still believe that she is untouchable when it comes to the craft.  I met her last year and I was so star struck I still can’t believe I didn’t start crying.
Robin Schone gave me courage and a firm push and then, it’s like a torrent of angels, all the wonderful writers I’ve met who have inspired me to keep going.  It’s hard to name them all.  But I don’t think of their books so much as I think of them, as friends, and the incredible friendships I’ve enjoyed that mean so much more…
For me, I suppose, it is very personal.  I’ve lost some dear favorites and still mourn their passing.  But I hope I’m making them proud and I strive to be a better person for knowing them as I did.
There are also always the historical greats that have come before: Elizabeth Gaskell, Jane Austen, Shakespeare, and—well, I think it’s clear I have too many favorites!!
- ¿Que géneros literarios te gusta leer? ¿Qué genero es tu predilecto?
I don’t read enough!  I am trapped in non-fiction too much for research but when I can break away, I still love historical fiction but also contemporary comedy and biographies.
- ¿Como ha sido tu trato con las editoriales?
I was first published in 2006.  It was very exciting and I’ll never forget how magical it was to feel wanted when “A Lady’s Pleasure” was purchased by Simon and Schuster.  It’s never as sweet as that first time but you do hope for it again. 
- ¿Cuales son los géneros en los que escribes y en cuales mas te gustaría aventurarte en el futuro?
I write historical romance but I long to stretch into something different.  I don’t think there’s anything that scares me (except monsters).  Urban fantasy would be fabulous and I’m very tempted by contemporary paranormal, or anything with a comic edge.  Romantic comedy looks like fun, don’t you think?
- ¿Qué tipo de escenas disfrutas mas escribiendo y cuales te cuestan más?
The best, for me, are the ones where the emotional weight is greatest.  If I’m crying through the process, then hopefully readers will feel that effort.  If I’m laughing, then that joy is conveyed.  It sounds terrible to say that I enjoy writing a good fight scene but it can feel very liberating to get to let out those emotions (without consequences to my real life). 
- ¿Tienes algún poder de decisión en la elección de las portadas de tus novelas?
Not usually.  It is one of the advantages to self-publishing and I think I’m looking forward to having more control.
- ¿Te gusta leer manga?
I do!  I lived in Japan for a while and there is something about the art form of manga that makes me feel nostalgic and long to be there.  Anime and manga are so unique in their styles.  The plots are sometimes awkward and the strange characters make me smile but the journey in those books is always fun.
- A la hora de escribir, ¿lo haces con música de fondo?
Always!!!  I have a soundtrack for each book and build the playlists for characters to help me settle into the project or stay on track.
- ¿Tienes algún hobby a parte de escribir?
I have very little time for hobbies but I do enjoy designing and making costumes and clothes, as well as a bit of card making.  I used to make stain glass pieces but all my tools are put away for dreams of a bigger house where I would have room to create and play.
- No sé si tienes hijos, pero si los tienes, ¿te gustaría que se dedicaran a lo mismo que tú?
I have two little girls, seven and four years old.  They are both very creative and very sweet and my hopes for them are that they discover their passion in life and are never afraid to pursue their dreams.  I want them to value themselves without looking to others and to be confident and brave.
- ¿Cuales son tus series favoritas de televisión? ¿Y de niña, que serie recuerdas con más cariño?
I love “Downton Abbey”, “Face-Off”, “Once Upon a Time”, “Grimm”, and the guilty pleasures to be found with “Project Runway”. 


When I was little, it was “Wild Kingdom” and “Little House on the Prairie”… 

- ¿Qué tipo de música escuchas?
I have very eclectic musical tastes.  I think anything except rap music or hip-hop, and I’m pretty happy.  I have classical music, pop, folk, rock, dance, latin, country… I don’t discriminate.
- ¿Que películas te han dejado huella, cuales tienen un lugar especial en tu corazón?
I love movies.  It’s embarrassing how many DVD’s I’ve accumulated over the years and now I’m a digital download addict when it comes to iTunes.  I love “Young Victoria” and “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen” but I’m a romantic at heart.  Lately, because of the girls, it’s Pixar films and Disney, but that works too, doesn’t it?  Every film leaves its mark and if I have a secret wish, it is to one day write a screen play.

- ¿Te gusta releer libros?
Rereading good books is like visiting with dear friends.  There is always a welcome there and always pleasure to be found.
- ¿Eres muy exigente contigo misma? ¿Muy perfeccionista? ¿Te documentas mucho para tus novelas?
I push hard.  Maybe too hard.  There is never enough time to write and it’s always stressful.  With two small children, I worry that they think their mother is a little odd because of the way she talks to herself and sits at the computer so much.  But I take time to play with them and really try to enjoy what I have. 
I’m very critical of shaky plots or stereotypical characters.  I want everything I create to be solid and if I’m true to myself, then no matter what the future brings, I will be proud of the books I’ve written. 
- ¿Te gusta el cosplay?
I love dressing up!  I’ve decided that one day, when my soul becomes as brave as my heart, I’ll dress up every day, however I wish, and wear ball gowns to buy my groceries and simply enjoy it all!  My closet is filled with impractical clothes I wear only to romance industry conferences!
- ¿Cuál es tu viaje soñado?
My dream trip is two fold.  One takes me east to Japan and to Australia and one takes me west, to Europe, to England and the British Isles and then to the Continent where I can go to Spain, Portugal and Italy.  And in my dream trip, it is not a matter of days or weeks, but months that I have to take in and enjoy all the sights and adventures, so that I can drink in the inspirations of the Old World and then spend the rest of my life writing to try to capture that magic.
- ¿Crees en el amor? ¿Crees que existen las almas gemelas?
I do believe in True Love and soul mates.  It is as elusive as any great ideal, but worth pursuing.  And when you find it, it changes the world.
- ¿Cuales son los pilares de tu vida?
Family and friends, my writing and my muses, a sense of humor and the spiritual journey of my days.  Those are the pillars of my life.  My daughters and my husband are the engines that make every day worthwhile but the stories and characters are the fuel that make me whole.  I need that inner landscape to make me complete.
- ¿Que te hace sonreír? ¿Qué te conmueve? ¿Qué te hace reír? ¿Qué te enamora?
I love to laugh and I hope I do my best to make all my friends smile.  I love to talk and drink wine and spend time with friends.  I cry when I watch the news and I ache to think that I’m not doing enough to make it a better world.  I think I’m very normal in that way.  I love to be creative and to see whatever I imagine come to life.  (Books or a dress, or art, or anything…)
- ¿Que significan para ti los amigos y la familia? ¿Son una prioridad en tu vida?
They are a huge priority.  I try to give more than I receive but I am very blessed.  My mother and I are best friends and I talk to her every day on the phone since she lives on the other side of the country.  And my friends are my support on days when I’m not sure I can manage.
- ¿Que es lo que más te gusta de escribir historias de amor?
Creating happy endings and the “Happily Ever After” of it all.
- ¿Donde reside tu fuerza?
My sense of humor.  No matter how challenging the days become, I know I’ll make it if I can laugh.
- También eres o has sido locutora de radio, ¿que nos puedes contar de esa experiencia?

I love hosting the radio chat show, “Canned Laughter and Coffee” on BlogTalkRadio and the best part has been meeting so many other authors and having that opportunity to just hear them relax and enjoy talking about their books and their lives.  It makes me feel like part of a bigger community instead of just one woman alone with her computer. 
- ¿Qué opinas de los blogs? ¿Hay alguno al que sigas con asiduidad y pasión?
Some blogs are wonderful and I keep wishing I had more time to write in mine!  I love RomanceReaderGirl’s blog and there’s “Rakes, Rogues and Romance”.  But for the most part, if I spend too much time on other people’s blogs, I’m in trouble.


- Tú también tienes un blog, si nos aventuramos en él, ¿qué podremos encontrar?
A few posts, about almost anything except the books.  I think my blog is an escape so I sometimes just post about my life there.  It’s a glimpse into my head.  But because I’m such a lazy blogger, it will be a very, very narrow peek, I promise.
- ¿Eres una persona muy sociable?
I am absolutely a people person.  Which is wonderful when it comes to enjoying being social and meeting new friends but also makes it dangerous when someone decides they don’t like me, it genuinely hurts.  Bad reviews for example, are devastating and I’ve finally learned that not everyone is going to enjoy me and/or my books and that it’s not the end of the world.
- ¿Qué opinas de la fama y del éxito?
I think fame and success sound good but without balance in your life and without love, I don’t think they are good goals.  I want very much to be successful one day and to be able to take those dream trips, provide a good life for my children and to enjoy the accolades that come with it all.  But I know that I want to get there intact and happy, proud of my work and with a healthy relationship to the world around me and especially, to my friends and family.
- ¿Te gusta más leer libros en papel o en ebook?
I do!  I read books in any format I can!
- ¿Cuales son tus proyectos futuros? ¿Y cuáles son los más inmediatos?
I’m working on a new trilogy set in Victorian London with a darker, sexy tone.  I wanted to approach the subject of revenge and power from a woman’s viewpoint and with a real twist.
I’m also looking at a novella or two for either an anthology release or as stand-alones for ebooks.  I am considering a “Jaded” novella to follow up the series and will be asking readers which characters they would love to see more of…so here’s your chance to ask!
And finally, the project of my heart is an urban fantasy and “new adult” series I’m calling “The Imbalance”.  I don’t want to say too much about it, but these are the characters that are currently making me lose sleep, so they are quickly becoming more pressing.
- ¿Qué opinas de España? ¿Has visitado alguna vez este país?
I love Spain.  I have never been there but I peer at pictures and watch the travel shows with open jealousy and longing.  My parents went to Spain when I was young and I loved the stories they told.  I’m inspired by the history there and the beautiful countryside and architecture, but I’m also very drawn to the warmth of the people and the hospitality that they exude.  I want to see the different regions of Spain and try to collect what stories I can to take with me to my heart.
- ¿Qué opinas de las personas que, gracias a la profunda admiración que siente por ti, encuentran una razón más para luchar por sus sueños?
Is this true?  If I have inspired even one person to fight for their dreams, then I am so humbled and so honored.  Perhaps then I am already a success.  I would want to make sure that they knew that I want to cheer them on every step of the way.  I love the way books can bring people together, or give them a little escape from the difficulties of their lives.  I write romances because I think it’s important to have a piece of magic and happiness within reach.  I love to talk to groups of people or just one-on-one about the writing and books, about dreaming and achieving. 
If I could inspire someone, then I would feel as if I had done something with my own life.
- ¿Allí en Estados Unidos es habitual que hagas firmas de libros y presentaciones?
It is, but not as often as we think and usually only authors of a certain level can really hold larger events.  I attend an industry convention, RT Book Lovers Convention, each year and moderate the panels for historical romance and sign books at the fair.  I want to do more events one day and love signing books and meeting readers.
- ¿Has hecho alguna presentación de libros en algún otro país?
I never have but one day… I will.
- ¿Hay posibilidades en un futuro cercano de que vengas a España?
Never say never!  I dream of it and now that I’ve met you, I’m wondering if I have readers in Spain, then maybe it’s more of a chance!  My Spanish is so terrible and rusty.  I hope no one laughs at me when I get there!
- ¿En qué novela estás trabajando actualmente?
I’m working on a book called “Lady Falls”…
- ¿Qué piensas de la reencarnación? ¿De la espiritualidad? ¿Crees en el ying y el yang? ¿Y en el karma?
I’m very open spiritually and if something feels right, then I don’t dismiss it (no matter what the origins).  I have a friend who gets very angry when I say that I agree with certain elements of one religion and also love the writings of another.  He says that you can’t choose your religious beliefs like you choose groceries at the store.
I think he’s wrong.  I think you can take the best of human understanding and “divine” revelations and make a very beautiful and sustaining coat of many colors.  And with my colorful spiritual beliefs, I can weather any storm.
- Cuando estas nerviosa o sientes miedo, o estas triste, ¿qué es lo que siempre logra que te vuelvas a sentir bien, feliz, positiva?
I call friends to talk it out and if no one is available, in person or online, then I put in a movie or listen to music and I let it go.  And as soon as I feel the earth beneath my feet, I turn on my computer and I write it out.  I write until the world seems set again.
- ¿Las musas son caprichosas contigo? ¿Eres una persona muy creativa?
I’m very creative.  I love to design and create and build.  I love to try new things and I don’t think there’s anything I wouldn’t try—from sand castles to pottery to fashion to playhouses.  ;-)
- Como media general, ¿cuánto tardas en escribir una novela larga y una ligeramente breve?
Three months for a full length novel once all the research is done and the story and characters are set in my mind.  Shorter is…four to six weeks?  I’m not sure.
- ¿Participas mucho en antologías?
Not as much as I’d like to!
- Para ti, ¿cuál es el secreto de la felicidad?
I think it’s different for everyone.  But for me, it’s writing.
- ¿Cómo te describirías como persona? ¿Y como escritora? ¿Y cómo locutora de radio?
I use words like:  crazy, silly, driven, ambitious, insane, creative, and colorful. 
- ¿Qué opinas de los book trailers? ¿Planeas crear book trailers para tus novelas?
I love book trailers!  I have book trailers for almost all of my books, I think.  Check YouTube!  “Seduction Wears Sapphires” was the most popular for some reason…
- ¿Alguna vez pensaste en dejar de escribir? Si fue así, ¿qué te hizo no rendirte?
Every once in a while, on a dark day, I think about stopping but I can’t imagine my life without writing.  So even if the publishers don’t want me, I don’t think it’s going to change my desire to write.  And even if there are only a handful of people interested in reading my stories, I will still write.  For them.  And for me.
- ¿Qué opinas de la homoerótica?
Love is love.  And a well-done story always works its magic.  My heart doesn’t discriminate when it comes to happy endings.  It never has.
- ¿A la hora de crear, sigues un orden o improvisas mucho? ¿Te dejas llevar por tus personajes o tu siempre llevas la voz predominante?
I plot and plan each story out as best as I can.  And then the characters either follow that plan or foil it.  If they foil it, it’s because they’ve come up with a better plan, so I let them win.
- ¿Cómo te gusta que sean los protagonistas en tus novelas?
There’s a little bit of me in every character.  (I hope.)
- ¿Qué opinas del sexo en la ficción? ¿Le das un papel importante en tus novelas, es importante para tus personajes?
I think the level of sensuality and sexuality has to match the story and the setting/characters.  I think for some stories, it is extremely important and others, there because the publisher thinks readers only want “hot hot hot”.  You balance it when you can and I hope I’ve never forced it and overshadowed the love story with that sexual tension.  I think it’s very important as a literary device to add to the weight of a story, to ensure that your characters have more to lose or are made more vulnerable to readers—but I don’t think it’s a requirement for a good story.
My hope is that readers won’t shy away if a story is very hot but also won’t ignore a book if the sexuality is understated.  The romance has to be dominant for me, as a writer.  After all, there lies the line with erotica.  If sex dominates without emotion, it’s a very different kind of book.
My characters always set the heat level in my books and so far… I think it’s working well.
- ¿Qué opinas del chocolate? ¿Del arte de la repostería?
Dark chocolate is best!  But any chocolate is delightful!  And pastry, what woman doesn’t love pastry?
- ¿Te gustan los días de lluvia?
They are my favorite kind of days IF I am inside.
- ¿Cual es estación favorita? ¿Te gusta la navidad, los regalos, las luces navideñas?
I love the autumn and Halloween best.  No pressure of gifts but lights and beauty abound, I get to dress up and I get to eat lots and lots of dark chocolate.
- ¿Cuál es tu criatura mitológica favorita?
- ¿Te gusta más narrar el punto de vista femenino o el masculino? ¿Y cuál te gusta más leer?
I love to get into the male point of view when I can.  As a reader, either works but I do like third-position omniscient vs. first person POV.  (Because I am nosey and I want to know what Everyone is thinking.)
- ¿Cuales son las claves para que una historia de amor te cautive?
I have to like both hero and heroine and there has to be something beyond the physical in each character that truly draws in their match and forces the other person to love them (and if possible, is also the thing that is tied in to whatever obstacle is keeping the lovers apart).  If I can build conflict into my solution and really make those characters grow/work to resolve things, it’s a better story.
- ¿Cómo te sientes cada vez que te llega una reseña positiva o que alguien te escribe diciéndote lo mucho que le gustas?
It’s like falling in love.  Every time it happens, it takes my breath away.
- ¿Qué opinas de que se hagan películas o series basadas en novelas? ¿Alguna vez podremos de ver una de tus novelas adaptada a la gran pantalla?
Sometimes, the movies are the perfect compliment to the books.  I think it helps if the author is involved with the project.  As for my books, I have dreams of seeing a red carpet up close one day.  And it never hurts to dream!
- ¿Cual ha sido la mejor lectura de este 2013 para ti?
Danelle Harmon just came out with a new book and I love her so even though I haven’t read it, I’m going to pick her book.

- ¿Cuales son tus próximas lecturas? ¿Qué novelas estás impaciente por leer?
I wish I had more time.  My “to be read” pile is growing in leaps and bounds!
- Hablemos de tus novelas...
* ¿Que significó para ti escribir "El placer de una dama"? (A Lady's pleasure)

I wrote that book on a dare because a friend said that I could not write sex scenes.  She said anyone who is too shy to wear open-toed shoes, cannot write sex scenes.  She said I should probably try to write something else.  So, my stubborn and competitive nature decided to write the sexiest book I could and…there you have it.
And just like Merriam, I learned that once you step off the garden path, you are a different woman and there is no going back.  Experience changes us and that book changed me forever.
* ¿Que hace especial a tu novela "El pacto de una dama"? (Madame's Deception)

I loved the idea of writing a very traditional romance in the most untraditional and unromantic setting ever.  I love the challenge in that.  I was attracted to the idea of everything being the opposite to its appearance and I loved the idea of reinventing yourself and having that power to hide in plain sight.
* ¿Habrá en el futuro una novela protagonizada por el guardián del burdel de Jocelyn? ¿Por qué tuvo que morir el amor de su vida, esa joven prostituta que era un auténtico amor?
Ramis is very dear to me and believe it or not, is the man I have in mind for an upcoming novella.  I think he deserves to find his happiness again and to enjoy love.
* ¿Que te llevó a escribir Mischief's Holiday? ¿Qué es lo que mas destacarías de esta novela breve? ¿Qué es lo que más te gusta y que es lo que menos te gusta de Alyssa y de Leland? ¿No escribirás ningún epílogo que nos haga saber cómo les va la vida a esta preciosa pareja?

That was my publisher’s idea and I loved it.  Regencies terrify me so I just couldn’t approach the story without being terrified that everything would go wrong.  So I took a deep breath and created a character where my worst fears were hers, and humor was the armor to get us both through it.
What do you think?  Another novella?  A short story?  So that you can see the fun that Leland learns to have in life and how sweet his wife can be when things go wrong?
* ¿Que te inspiró a la hora de crear "El juego de un rufián"? (A Rogue's game) ¿Y de crear a Eve y Julián?


This book came out of a conversation about bad boys and villains.  I wanted to see how naughty a male character could be and yet still be the hero.  I also wanted to prove that a leopard doesn’t need to change his spots to grow and win his lady’s heart.  I dislike formula romances where the ruffian is changed into a pure white knight with a single kiss.  I thought it would be more fun if the ruffian could stay a ruffian and still kill the dragon.
Also, I was going to kill Julian in the first book and then realized, he was just too sexy and wonderful a character to waste.
* ¿De la trilogía The Mistress cuál es tu libro favorito?
I think “A Rogue’s Game”.
* ¿Qué nos puedes contar de la historia de amor entre Galen y Haley? ¿Qué es lo primero que nos sorprenderá de Revenge Wears Rubies?
I hope that what comes across is that for a female character to be “strong” it doesn’t mean she has to be aggressive.  I wanted Haley to be a very traditional woman of her era but what shines through is that she is a force to be reckoned with and a match for Galen on every level.
* ¿Qué fue lo primero que visualizaste de Seduction Wears Sapphires? ¿Qué fue lo que más te conmovió de escribir la historia de amor de Ashe y Carolyn?

Their meeting in his grandfather’s library and that fight when she pretty much calls him an ass (without saying it, of course!)  I loved her spirit and I adored the way Ashe who was so used to every woman he met purring like a kitten finally meeting one who wasn’t impressed with him at all.  He is still a favorite of mine for the way his pride took a bruising in that book and how he kept his sense of humor no matter what!
* Ecstasy Wears Emeralds es la historia de amor de Rowan y Gayle, ¿qué es lo que más destacas de esta novela y de este romance agridulce?

I’m so proud of this book because I think it’s the one where you really feel all of it.  You laugh and cry, it’s triumph and tragedy and for me, they are the anchor of the entire Jaded.
* ¿Cómo definirías Passion Wears Pearls? ¿Quiénes son Josiah y Eleanor? ¿Es el arte muy importante en esta novela?

I wanted to demonstrate that a disability doesn’t make a man any less manly.  Also, that if a woman is ultimately in control, I wanted readers to see how liberating and fabulous it could feel.  Their relationship is about trust and about power and I pray that women enjoyed how sexy and sweet Josiah is.
* ¿Qué es lo primero que te atrajo de Darius? ¿Qué significa Isabel para ti? ¿Cuál fue la escena que más te costó escribir de Obsession Wears Opals? ¿Qué escena de esta novela disfrutaste escribiendo?

I LOVE nerds/geeks. (because I am one.) Darius is my handsome nerd and book guy and there is nothing sexier than a man who reads.  Brains outweigh brawn in my opinion.  I loved his imagination and his determination to make more of himself.  Isabel embodied redemption and courage.  She is so strong and didn’t even know it.  The hardest scene was the rape scene.  I can’t even read it.  But the best scene to write was the chess game and the first time they made love.  Perhaps I’ve inspired a few women to take up the game of chess?
* ¿Que nos encontraremos entre las páginas de Desire Wears Diamonds?


In “Diamonds”, you will find a great finish to all the stories of the Jaded and I think you will recognize the heroine who is most like me….
- ¿Sientes cada escena, cada palabra, cada sentimiento que evocas en tus novelas? ¿Son ahora tus personajes una parte importante de tu vida?
I see every scene in my head like a movie but I am there in that room with them.  It is very personal and sometimes, grueling.  They are all in my head, all the time, and very much alive.  Commenting, fighting, laughing, all the time.  Stories yet untold, characters you haven’t met yet, all of them, all the time.
It’s a wonder I don’t drink more.
- ¿Qué opinan tu familia, tu marido, tus hijos, tus amigas, de tus novelas?
My husband is very supportive but wishes that I could write faster and spend more time in the real world.  One day, I hope to make them all proud, friends and family, and be tremendously successful as an author.  Then my husband won’t complain when I’m at the computer so much.
- ¿Te cuesta mucho elegir los títulos para tus libros?
I have fun choosing titles, although when they are translated, I never know what the titles will be!  So there you are! 
- ¿Cuales son tus deseos para el 2014?
In 2014, I hope to finish more books and reach more readers but my wish, is that everyone in my circle, my readers and friends, that all of you have a joyful and blessed year!  I want your dreams to draw closer and for you to feel happiness that outweighs any sorrows.  Let it be a good year!  Full of LOVE!

Entrevista hecha por MIREIA LÓPEZ HERNÁNDEZ.

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